Alternative Proposals

Proposed actions based on actual nutrient contribution from specific areas of the lake. Potential actions would then be selected to best reduce nutrient contribution for specific problems, lot density, soil conditions, usage, proximity to lake front, cost effectiveness, etc. Performance based testing. What is working, what is not working.

Potential actions for Septic Waste:

Small zone based central systems similar to Camp Cornelia. (May be the best solution for high density, high usage, poor soil conditions, proximity to lake, etc.)

Septic system performance improvement:

  • Relocation

  • Replacement

  • Repair

  • Different System (Leach Field, Mound System, Aerobic Treatment, etc)

Septic tank pump out frequency

Holding tanks (suitable for very low use systems)

Potential actions for non-septic nutrient sources:

Continued emphasis on reducing fertilizer usage

Continued emphasis on reducing usage of Phosphorous containing product

Erosion control