Higgins Lake United

A Grassroots Effort to Find Ways to Improve the Water Quality of Higgins Lake

August 1, 2022 Update

Lyon Township has announced that over 20% acreage landowners have submitted written objections. Per PA188 Lyon Township ".. board shall not proceed with the improvement .." unless they receive over 50% acreage petitions in favor.

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hanks for visiting Higgins Lake United! (Please note that this site is under development). Please see our draft Alternative Proposals Page listed under Proposed sewer project.

The water quality of Higgins Lake is of concern to everyone who uses the lake. We all want to ensure that our lake remains one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world.

Higgins Lake United was organized by Higgins Lake area residents and property owners to find common sense ways
to control and reduce the flow of nutrients into the lake.

What is the HLU intent and purpose?

  • We commit to the principle that any proposed nutrient control methods must be supported by a clear majority of affected stakeholders.

  • We commit to the principle that affected stakeholders should be asked what they want/are willing to do, not be told what to do.

  • We strive to find nutrient control methods that are positive and cost-effective, not punitive or financially burdensome for property owners, businesses and local government.

  • We will solicit any and all suggestions for nutrient control. We will help ensure that any proposals are thoroughly researched and stakeholders are provided with both the pros and cons of any proposals.

  • We will ensure that any questions regarding cost and effectiveness are openly asked and answered.

  • We strive to maintain open lines of communication and transparency with stakeholders.

Moving Forward, what are possible real alternatives?

"The Higgins Lake Land Conservancy is pleased to announce that it has entered in a major environmental

review agreement with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council for a review and recommendation regarding the

proposed Higgins Lake sewer system.

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Counsel has agreed to provide to the Higgins Lake Land Conservancy:

1) An exhaustive literature review of 20 prior environmental studies completed on the water quality of

Higgins Lake;

2) Complete a concise summary of the relevant data obtained from the prior studies.

3) Develop best practices recommendation as dictated by a review and compilation of the 20 prior studies;

4) Prepare a complete written report of the best practices recommendations; and

5) Make a presentation of the Tip of the Mitt findings and recommendations to the Higgins Lake Land

Conservancy Board."

This is the kind of comprehensive and independent evaluation that HLU supports. We look forward to see the report in September of 2022.

Higgins Lake Land Conservancy Link: http://www.higginslakelandconservancy.com/

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Link: https://www.watershedcouncil.org/

If you would like to be added to our email list or get more information, please email us at: Higginsunited21@gmail.com